Legal Entities

There are two types of entity: companies and individuals.

The government is implemented as a special kind of company with some restrictions on the permissions that are available to non-moderator players.


Basic Concepts

A player belongs to zero, one, or more companies. A player can act on behalf of only one company at a time - this is their active company. The active company can be obtained using the following function:

local comp = company.get_active(name)

Actions and Permissions

Actions include:

These actions are subject to having the appropriate permission:

if not comp:check_perm(name, perm_name, meta) then
	error("can't do this!")

Permissions can be granted by the CEO of a company to other players at any time. This is done as part of the player tab in the inventory formspec.


One interesting idea is the ability for company owners to provide Lua scripts to manage permissions. This, of course, needs to be properly managed to avoid DDoSes.

Government Restrictions

All permissions in the government default to false. The Government cannot own factories, buy companies, or sell shares. The only grantable permission is the ability to edit public areas in cities.

Members of the government can, instead, vote on bills to affect tax and other legislation. Note that this feature will only be available in later releases of the game.