Deep Company Simulation

Capitalism Game is an in-development economy game for the Minetest Engine.
The aim is to achieve deep simulation of companies and the government.


Run a Business

Create a business by yourself or with others. Brand it attract customers. Sell your company privately on the stock market. Make sure to keep 51% for yourself, though!

Legal Entities »

Factories and Distribution

Create efficient factories, distribution chains, and shops.
Optimize to increase your profits, or reduce your price to undercut the competition!

Factories »

Acquire Land and Money

Buy land to build factories, offices, and shops.

Land »

Expand Into New Industries

Expand using research, making deals, or by buying other companies.

Industries »


Government members can propose bills to change tax levels, government spending, and to ban/allow certain industries. Votes are held monthly. Bribe government officials to do pass the laws you want, or to turn a blind eye.

Legal Entities »

Espionage and Theft

Steal corporate secrets from competitors, or shoplift from stores. Just hope that their security is lacking!


Company dashboard

The company dashboard shown when you open the inventory. Shows an overview of all parts of the company you are currently representing.

Land admin dialog

Buy or rent land to build shops, factories, offices, and more.

Fractional Distillation

A fractional distillation column with upgradable efficiency.

Land admin dialog

An admin dialog to manage land allocation and area protection. Notice how companies can own areas

Shop dialog

Customers can buy using a single self-checkout machine, without having to browse through many different vending machines which may or may not be in stock.

Buy dialog

Electronic banking and payments.

Sounds good, how can I play?

Unfortunately, the game isn't yet available publicly.
We'll make sure to announce sufficiently when the game is available,
in the meantime you can join the Discord to keep up to date.

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